Discovering historic Detroit moments

In addition to photography, I also like to browse estate sales.  At one sale about a year ago, I came across some photography equipment and a box of negatives.  I purchased the lot.  When I sifted through one particular batch, I made a very interesting discovery – never seen images of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, taken when he marched in Detroit on June 23rd, 1963 – two months before his famous march in Washington. Detroit is where he originated his “I have a dream” speech in front of what he considered the largest and greatest demonstration for freedom ever held in the United States.
As a photographer, viewing these negatives gave me not only an opportunity to learn and see the viewpoint from another photographer, but to also revisit this historical event.  The photographer is deceased and his name unknown, and so I will call him John Smith. 
Enjoy the slide show and check back to see more of John Smiths cool Detroit photos


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